Dear GOP Leaders

I have a serious question for you, and I hope you will drop the party rhetoric and just be straight with me.

Why is the focus of the Republican political strategists, to instill fear of the other party candidate, and not to work for the common good of all American peoples?

What Now?

The much hyped election is over, and we all breathed a collective sigh of ohmygodthankyouforthismiracleatlonglast! It was painful to watch and quite boring at times, but one good thing came out of it other than the re-election of Mr. Obama.

My political heart, soul and conscience was ripped from it’s long hibernation by the possibility of a Romney win. Not only did I see in him the far weaker echoes of Ronald Reagan, but with his boldface lies, he echoed Nixon as well.

When the debacle occurred in Florida, allowing W. Bush to defeat Al Gore, my faith in the system that said my voice was important, was shattered. It was so clearly a Bush Family powergrab and the illegality, immorality and blatant crassness stunk to high heaven and beyond.

For over a decade I ignored the Presidential elections and most other politics, hoping that it would all just go away. Unrealistic, yes, but highly hopeful. I’ve lived through over 40 years worth of presidents and their possible successors. I’ve only admired 2 or 3 of the men. One of those men has just been re-elected.

No, I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. It didn’t matter to me. My voice had been silenced by the greed, avarice and hostile bastardy of the GOP and their dirty little bag of tricks. Jeb Bush should have been investigated during that election for his part in the whole mess of what passes for voting in Florida. This year, we saw it again. Voting systems need reform there, most of all…and if you think the GOP isn’t going to try to change voting laws again, you’re fooling yourself.

Go back in time to witness the minions of the party, the ones who changed the way politics were played. Lee Atwater, his little bitchboy Karl Rove and many others. Rove was so disillusioned and out of touch on election night he couldn’t reconcile the reality with his fantasy. This is the GOP now and they tried to put a puppet in office, but unfortunately America is pretty tired of their puppet shows.

So, what now America? What now GOP? What now Obama?

Put the dissension away and get to work. All of us.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
SunTzu, The Art of War
…from the flames i emerge, ready to wreak havoc upon you all…i am the angel of destruction…

…from the flames i emerge, ready to wreak havoc upon you all…i am the angel of destruction…